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From conception to the completion of a finished interior, Ann Marie will assist you with every aspect of your project, delivering an unrivalled personal service on time and within budget, without ever compromising on craftsmanship or style.


From the development of floor plans and wall elevations, to the selection of merchandise and purchase and delivery of furniture, no detail is overlooked. The planning of bespoke built-in features, spatial flow, colour, texture and finishes are all essential elements of the overall scheme, and each is given the individual care required to create the environment that is right for you.


From early stage artistic impressions and mood boards, to samples of papers and fabrics, Ann Marie demonstrates an innate understanding of texture and colour while never overlooking the essentials of form and function and, of course, the constraints of timescale and economy.


Projects vary in size and style from small to all encompassing; traditional to contemporary; personal to corporate. Whether you are searching for one exceptional piece to complete an established scheme, or starting with a completely blank canvas, Ann Marie has the knowledge and experience to bring your interior to life.

A Full analysis of your current room in an affordable two hour session.
Our Virtual Desihn Services allow us to work with clients from around the world.
Styling to sell
AMH Interiors can help to create the wow factor for a special occasion or during the holidays.

Room Detox


A Room Detox is a full analysis of your current room in an affordable, two-hour session, that will help you achieve your design goals and give you the framework to transform your space quickly and efficiently. 


Looking at the floor plan and needs of your room, we can reorganise the space, redirect the traffic pattern, and advise on style and colour. Simple solutions like choosing the right colour and shade of paint can transform the look and feel of a room, enhancing architectural features or bringing light and interest where they are lacking.


We know you can't always start with a blank canvas so let our expertise help you fall in love with your existing space and furniture.  It is your home and should reflect your life and style and ideally be capable of evolving as your needs change and as your space develops.

Virtual Design 



Our virtual design services allow us to work with clients from around the world.  It is also a perfect solution for busy people or those working to a more limited budget.  With all the convenience of a "virtual designer", AMH interiors can offer advice on colours, fabrics, wallpapers, in fact, any aspect of design, whether for a single room scheme, a larger project or simply a little inspiration.


We welcome your queries by email-just tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can help you remotely, without involving the time and greater expense of a home visit.


Please contact is at for futher information.

House Doctor


Presenting a property with a view to sell requires a practical approach and a flair for design.  Maximing your home's appeal and creating a great first impression are vital if you are to achieve a quick and profitable sale in a competitive market. Styling to sell can make all the difference.


Having designed, built and sold homes all over the world, Ann Marie Hess knows how to attract the serious buyers.  Her eye for design and broad property experience can help your home to make an impact, whether room by room, or in a complete property staging.


With a fresh look at orginal details, floor plans, colour schemes, and clutter, AMH interiors has the expertise to help your home acheive its potential.


Contact AMH Interiors for more information on our bespoke House Doctor services.

Festive Decorating


The holidays are a special time when we relax with family and friends and put the pressure of a busy year aside.  However, preparing for guests or a festive event can be both time-consuming and stressful.  AMH Interiors can help to create the "wow factor"you need for a special celebration, or breathe some fresh ideas into your home to get your holiday off to a flying start. 

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