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 AMH Interiors is an interior design consultancy, with offices in the UK and the US, offering bespoke creative solutions to clients worldwide.  Founded by respected international designer, Ann Marie Hess, the practice offers a highly skilled and dedicated approach to finding and creating the distinctive sense of style which is unique to every client’s interior.  Designing a home is an organic and intuitive process and Ann Marie knows that the way you create this most personal of settings involves fundamental decisions about, not only your individual style, but more fundamentally about the way you choose to live.

With a flexible approach and a keen understanding of the psychological impact of design, Ann Marie uses her unparalleled knowledge and expertise, to help build your personal signature, from the smallest creative detail to the overall impact of an entire scheme. Whether working in the home, or the commercial space, AMH Interiors applies the same level of professionalism to achieve outstanding results.

Ann Marie Hess


Ann Marie Hess has a unique pedigree originally stemming from a career in the fashion industry. Having studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, her eclectic taste and natural eye for style quickly translated from fashion to interiors when international moves demanded new family homes in different corners of the world and brought with them the influences of both East and West.


These early forays into interior design provided the ideal opportunity both to develop and showcase her skills, and as her talent emerged, demand for her elegant and timeless aesthetic quickly led to commissions in Europe, Dubai and the USA.


The formation of AMH Interiors was the next logical step, allowing clients to enjoy Ann Marie’s dedicated approach to outstanding design in the creation of their own homes.  


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Please contact us in the US at +1 239 451 0925

US +1 239-261-9149

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UK +44 20 7788 7767

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